Photo by  Marta Vargas

Photo by Marta Vargas

North by Northwest

A day at Rosenhill

"It is a hippier version of Rosendal's Trädgården", said Marta when she suggested paying a visit to Rosenhill. That was a no brainer. Laundry was changed to 7 am and all other plans were cancelled. 

On Saturday noon, we took a bus headed northwest, to Ekerö, a place far enough to get the feeling of escaping the city for a day. On the way, along with the changing landscape, we enjoyed our usual conversation. After a while, a bunch of tourists got off at Drottningholm Palace while we continued to Rosenhill, which may be far from royalty but it is still a gem. 

A short walk lead to an open space where the presence of a red building dominated the scene of greenhouses and fields in full bloom. This "traditional family farm" is also a café and a musteri. At the shop, one can buy a fresh array of organic vegetables, along with some pantry staples such as honey, mustard or pickles. 

After a while pickling flowers and choosing ingredients for our dinner, we went back home to enjoy the fruits of our labour. Vegetables were slowly roasted in the oven, while kale was prepared and mixed with red onion pickles for a fantastic salad. The conversation went on, and late at night we said goodbye with both our bellies and our hearts full. 

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